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Baltika №0 non-alcoholic unfiltred beer can 0.5% 0.5l

500 ml
  • 18.60 uah from 6 pc
  • 17.20 uah from 48 pc
19.20 uah

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Product description

Beer non-alcoholic light pasteurized "BALTIKA NONALCOHOLNOE" No. 0 with wheat malt flavor The volume fraction of alcohol is not more than 0.5%. Refreshing, mild wheat malt flavor combined with a light fruity and spicy aroma. Ingredients: water, light barley malt, barley, malt extract, natural flavoring ""Spices"", natural flavoring with wheat malt extract, hops. Nutritional (food) value per 100 g (g) of beer: energy value (calorie content) - 120 kJ (kJ) / 28 kcal (kcal), carbohydrates 6.2 g (g). To store in the darkened dry room at a temperature from 0 0C to 25 0C....

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