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We invite you to the world of own trademarks METRO

Among the wide range of its own brands, METRO offers high quality products, selected and developed to meet all the needs of our customers. A wide variety of products with an ideal value for money are designed to improve our customers' business. It doesn't matter if they work in a restaurant, hotel, bar, bakery or their own store. High quality products in practical and modern packaging, tested and approved by professionals and certified manufacturers ─ METRO is the first choice for those who only want the best!

METRO Chef ─ quality for any taste

METRO has a long history of work in the restaurant business and has been a reliable partner for its professional clients for many years. To reinforce this expertise, we have created a brand that not only bears our name, but also underlines our passion for food and the process of its preparation. The METRO Chef brand aims to satisfy the needs of all customers who are involved in food: from gastronomy professionals to distributors, therefore METRO Chef is a wide range of high quality products to satisfy any needs of the restaurant business.


METRO Professional ─ the choice of professionals

The METRO Professional range of non ─ food products guarantees the reliability and efficiency of the best chefs in professional and modern kitchens. Combining high quality and practicality, a wide range of professional HoReCa equipment, accessories and tools necessary for quality and efficiency in cooking, as well as functional equipment of modern kitchens. In short, METRO Professional is a complete solution for every HoReCa professional in one place.


Aro ─ a rational choice

The ARO brand was created for customers who want the best value for money. It has the longest presence in the market and offers a wide range of food and non ─ food products. The ARO assortment satisfies all the needs of consumers thanks to its wide range of products ─ more than 600 items. Most of the products are manufactured in Ukraine, including a number of products originating in Germany, Italy, France and North Macedonia. ARO is the favorite brand of retailers, and its popularity and consumer confidence translates into superior quality and affordable prices.


Rioba ─ is the best choice for hospital professionals

Own brand RIOBA was created to meet the needs of hospitality professionals who want only the best for their clients. Along with the fact that we offer the best tasting espresso coffee, which has received the highest ratings from the prestigious jury of iTQi (International Institute of Taste and Quality). Through the RIOBA brand, METRO promotes the sustainability and fairness of trade (FAIR TRADE) of coffee from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia and Brazil.


Fine Life ─ the basis of quality food

Our own brand, METRO Fine Life, offers a selection of products designed for everyone who wants to bring the best quality and balance to their diet. A carefully selected range of natural foods without additives in a small package will provide every customer with top quality nutritional value at reasonable prices.


Tarrington house ─ cosiness with comfort

METRO's own brand Tarrington House offers a wide range of furnishings for your kitchen, garden or balcony. For anyone who appreciates simple elegance, Tarrington House supports the global trends of contemporary design and a large selection of quality products made from natural and industrial materials in trendy colors. Refinement, comfort and convenience in arranging your living space for every season.