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«METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine» cares for the state of the environment, is aware of its responsibility, and supports the use of environmentally friendly technologies aimed at the protection and rational use of natural resources.

Today, a project to reduce the use of plastic that pollutes the environment is increasingly global. METRO in Ukraine, as a socially responsible company, joins this environmental initiative to reduce plastic waste and takes concrete steps in this direction.

Today, in all METRO shopping centers in Ukraine, visitors can purchase reusable product bags, as well as plastic bags, which include the special AddiFlex additive. It is through this component that packages are not only convenient and safe to use, but also totally decomposed for 1-2 years, without harming the environment.

Conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination

Certificate for additive AddiFlex®

We are also pleased to announce that METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine offers an alternative to plastic bags - a solid bag that is fully recyclable. Soon, a third option will also be available on the shelves of the METRO shopping center - reusable polypropylene bags.

Sustainable development and social responsibility are among the essential directions of METRO activities both at the global and at the regional levels!